ExercisingIf you are suffering from back pain, you have a number of pain relief options available to you. While it may be tempting to quickly jump to medication and promising procedures, it is important to start with step one.

Depending on your situation and diagnosis, most doctors will suggest exercising and/or physical therapy as the first step to pain relief. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Risk-Free. In most cases, exercise is a risk-free way to achieve pain relief. While you may not find significant pain relief, you can at least be assured you shouldn’t further damage your body. That’s because the human body is naturally designed for movement and will usually respond well to targeted exercises.
  • Natural. As mentioned, exercise is natural. That makes it a healthier alternative to medications which contain substances foreign to the human body.
  • Stress Relief. Chronic back pain can be stressful and frustrating; exercise provides a perfect outlet for stress relief.
  • Minimal Recovery. If you are looking for a pain relief option with minimal recovery, exercise is your answer. While there may be some soreness or tenderness after exercising, the recovery time is a fraction of what it would be after surgery.

If you suffer from back pain, consider exercising before proceeding with other alternatives.