DiagnosisWhether minimally invasive or aggressive, surgery should never be pursued without first receiving a proper diagnosis from a qualified medical specialist. An accurate diagnosis ensures you will receive the proper treatment option yielding the best results.

Back Pain Can Mean a Variety of Things

The spine is a very intricate and complicated part of your body. Because it is so large and interacts with a number of nerves, muscles, and tissues, spinal related pain can mean a variety of things. That’s why it is important to receive an accurate diagnosis. Because one solution worked for a particular patient doesn’t mean it will be equally effective in your situation.

Treatment is Dependent on Diagnosis

Since back pain can be treated with a number of different solutions, an inaccurate diagnosis may mean improper treatment. This is extremely dangerous and may result in additional pain instead of relief.

MIS Spine Surgery as an Option

If you and your doctor are confident your condition has been properly diagnosed, you may want to discuss the advantages MIS spine surgery. With less tissue damage, incredible accuracy, and quicker recovery time, MIS spine surgery is becoming one of the preferred back pain treatment solutions. Find out why today!