MedicationMIS spine surgery is preferred over traditional open lumbar back surgery for a number of different reasons. Whether it is the reduction of tissue damage, minimal bleeding, or shorter recovery time, less invasive usually means better.

Another benefit to choosing minimally invasive surgery over traditional surgery is the reduction in postoperative medication. Because this type of surgery involves less soft tissue damage, less muscle retraction, and minimal blood loss, there isn’t as much need for medication after surgery. This is beneficial for multiple reasons:

  • Healthier. It’s no hidden secret that drugs can have negative side effects. That’s why the opportunity to go without drugs is almost always preferred. Lower dosages of postoperative medication means patients can begin the road to recovery faster.
  • Less Risk. While most people are able to wean off drugs, there is always the risk for developing dependency. MIS spine surgery requires less need for medication, thereby reducing the likelihood of developing dependence.
  • Quicker Recovery. When a patient has drugs in their system, it usually has effects on their daily routine. Whether it is negative side effects or drowsiness, every day activities can look different. Because MIS spine surgery doesn’t necessitate high levels of medication, patients can be on the road to recovery quicker.