SurgeryIf you are suffering from back or neck pain related to an issue with your spine, relief can sometimes seem far away. Whether you’ve had pain for a few weeks, months, or years, you have probably sought answers from multiple sources, medications, and possibly procedures. That’s because answers and solutions vary widely from doctor to doctor. But one thing is for certain, MIS spine surgery has been an effective pain relief solution for many sufferers. Here are a few key advantages to MIS spine surgery:

  • Quicker Recovery. While the exact recovery time will depend on the underlying issue and surgical requirements, most patients can expect to return to work in as little as 1-6 weeks.
  • Less Damage. From a pain perspective, patients enjoy an easier recovery versus standard surgeries. That’s because less soft tissue is damaged, and there are significant reductions in blood loss and muscle retraction.
  • Less Pain. Because MIS spine surgery is able to effectively treat the source of the pain without adding more discomfort, less overall pain is experienced.

Surgery should always be viewed as the final option after careful research and planning, but it can be an incredibly effective pain relief solution for those suffering from back or neck pain related to issues of the spine.