MS Spine SurgeryBack pain can be both frustrating and debilitating. The frustrations only mount when it becomes chronic pain with no end in sight. If you have tried exercise, medication, and other alternatives to no avail, you may want to consider MIS spine surgery as another solution.

How Does it Work?

MIS spine surgery is performed by inserting a tiny camera through a small incision in the skin. The camera then examines the affected area of the spine and allows the doctor surgical access. Some options use microscopes or other assisted light sources and visual devices to aid in visibility when performing surgery through small surgical incisions.


The advantages are numerous. These include smaller incisions, less scarring, less tissue and muscle damage, reduced bleeding, quicker recovery time, and effective pain relief. As the name suggests, minimally invasive surgery is much kinder on the patient than traditional open lumbar surgeries. As a result, recovery is usually a breeze. Patients can expect to return to normal daily activities in as little as 1-6 weeks, depending on the extent of the surgery.

Discuss with Your Doctor

If you haven’t yet discussed MIS spine surgery with your doctor, now is the time. Over the past few years, it has progressed from a speculative procedure to a proven pain relief solution. Ask your doctor if it is right for your situation, and discover the light at the end of the tunnel that is MIS spine surgery.