spine surgeryFor suffers of back and neck pain, pain management becomes a way of life. Every choice and decision is made based on how it will affect levels of comfort and pain. But what if there was a solution that meant no longer having to constantly monitor and manage pain?

MIS Spine Surgery

Over the years, improvements to minimally invasive surgery have taken it from an experimental practice to a practical pain relief solution. While MIS is performed for a number of different ailments and conditions, spine surgery has been one of the focal points. Here are a few advantages of MIS spine surgery:

  • Less Recovery Time. One of the primary advantages of MIS spine surgery is quick recovery time. Because there is less soft tissue damage, muscle retraction, and bleeding, patients can get back to their everyday activities sooner. Typical recovery time can range from 1-6 weeks, depending on the surgery performed.
  • Less Scarring. For patients worried about permanent scarring, MIS spine surgery is a welcome answer. Patients can receive effective pain relief with smaller scars and minimal scar tissue.
  • Effective Pain Management. While medication alone can relieve pain temporarily, it usually does not provide long-term relief for most conditions. In many cases, MIS spine surgery is ideal for effective, long-term pain management.

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